Welcome to Education!


Welcome to our new and exciting educational programme called Project Kingfisher. This programme is designed to challenge children and young people to learn more about the River Wandle and its surroundings.

Our focus is twofold:

  1. To encourage educational institutions to take part in the ‘Creatures in the Classroom’ experience. This follows on from our award winning ‘Trout in the Classroom’ programme that ended in 2013. We bring the ‘river’ to the classroom inviting children and young adults to learn more about the wildlife in and around the River Wandle.
  1. To encourage children and young people to visit the River Wandle and to understand more about its geography and its history through a diverse set of learning approaches that includes using drama and technology.

All lessons, designed to appeal to learners of all ages, are built around the requirements of the revised National Curriculum. They are created to be informative and challenging whilst at the same time being interactive and fun.

We use the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science as learning vehicles to explore our river.

To find out more about our ‘Window on the Wandle’ programme click here.

We also have information about our programme using the EM2 River Flume. To find out more click here.

Finally we want to encourage children and young adults to return to this website to play games, complete competitions and answer quizzes. To find out more click here.

Project Kingfisher is being funded by the National Lottery’s Heritage Lottery Fund through the Living Wandle Landscape Partnership.

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