EM River Flume
We are currently developing our educational programme for our new EM2 River Flume – here is a taster of what it offers students.


Our flume allows students to experience how rivers work using a model.

A programme of study will be added created to include:

  • River Processes – landforms and processes involved in the evolution of river systems: aimed at KS3 students and linked to NC Science and Geography
  • Disaster Management – a study of the causes and effects of river disasters in recent history both in the UK and overseas. Students consider and apply methods of reducing risk of disasters in the future: aimed at GCSE Geography students
  • Catchment Management – a study of the holistic nature of catchment management with an understanding of principles involved in present day techniques. We hope to use the services of a local river engineer within the Trust: aimed at post 16 Geography and Environmental Sciences students

EM2 River FlumeA video will be produced on each of these programmes of study – the video can be used in any school at no cost. It is hoped that the narration from the Catchment Management video can be supplied by an expert river engineer.

The River Flume can be specifically used to teach these topics to these age groups:

  • KS3 – River Processes and Landforms
  • KS4 – Flooding Disasters and Disaster Management
  • Post 16 – River Catchments and Management Responses

The EM2 River Flume is available for hire to schools and colleges on a daily or weekly basis. Costs are available on request.

To find out more do not hesitate to email education@wandletrust.org