A trout to echo round the world…

With this year’s Trout in the Classroom schools releases just days away, breaking news from our sister fishing club’s award-winning Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative: trout are breeding successfully in the Wandle, and for the very first time one of their tiny fry has been photographed at Hackbridge.

As the Wandle Piscators’ news piece says:

It’s a brilliant vindication of the Wandle Trust’s and Wandle Piscators’ strategy to work with the Environment Agency, the Wild Trout Trust and many other partners to improve adult and juvenile habitat for all fish species on this stretch of the Wandle – and a massive boost for our ongoing mission to improve water quality, clean gravels, and open up fish passage throughout the river.

Read the full story here…

… and keep an eye out for even more opportunities in coming months to get involved in our work with the Environment Agency and the Wild Trout Trust on the upper Wandle: reducing weirs, installing large woody debris, all sorts of hands-on, wet-wellied habitat-creating fun!

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