Avenue Primary School: helping the Wandle’s wild brown trout

When it comes to environmental education, Avenue Primary School in Sutton is right at the top of the class.

85 per cent of its pupils walk to school, teachers run projects to encourage cycling (and recycling) – and there’s even a kids’ squad of Eco reps who make sure no energy is wasted.  

Best of all, our regular community cleanup volunteer Abi Johns leads the school’s participation in our annual Trout in the Classroom programmeso it was no surprise that Avenue Primary won ‘Green Primary School of the Year’ at this year’s Sutton Green Guardian Awards!

Here’s what Angus, Ben and Dan from Abi’s class wrote about their Trout in the Classroom release day this year:

On Thursday 18 March, some of the Eco reps and the winners of the trout competition went to the River Wandle. When we got there the year 6 Eco reps had to put on waterproof waders and a life jacket. We finally got to go into the river with the trout.

The water pressure squeezed our legs when we got in. It felt really strange like the water actually going into the waders. Before we put the trout into the river we had picture taken of us holding the trout.

Finally we got to lower the box into the water. The trout were free! Once we had got out and taken the equipment off we went back to school. It was great knowing that we had helped the River Wandle’s wild brown trout.  

You can also click here to watch Abi’s film of Avenue Primary’s trout release

A big gold star for Miss Johns from all of us at the Wandle Trust!

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