Dr Bella Davies: the Wandle Trust’s new Development Officer

Following an intensive recruitment process, the Trustees of the Wandle Trust are now delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Bella Davies as our new Development Officer.

Bella is a specialist in aquatic ecology and biodiversity, who worked most recently as Catchment Biodiversity Manager for the charity Pond Conservation in Oxfordshire. She’s due to join us on 5 January 2009 , and is likely to be based in Carshalton with our friends in the London Borough of Sutton Biodiversity team.

Apart from taking over the day-to-day running of the Wandle Trust’s activities, one of her first tasks will be consulting as widely as possible on ideas for the sustainable future of the Wandle, as part of the 5-year Living Wandle river restoration project.

No idea will be too big or too small for consideration, and they’ll all feed into the River Wandle’s very first Community Catchment Plan. Watch this space for more details!

2 thoughts on “Dr Bella Davies: the Wandle Trust’s new Development Officer

  1. Nik Summers-Brown

    as a Wandle angler it’s good to see the river being taken seriously! what is disturbing is the lack of FLOW from Croydon branch,2-3 years of rain and the flow is still not great enough to fill the Stockpond in Beddington Park? is this over abstraction or some other unexplained phenomenon? I am asking this on behalf of and for The Friends of Beddington Park. 9/7/09. thnx

  2. Theo Post author

    Thanks Nik – yes, we’re taking the Wandle very seriously indeed – and thank you for your support!

    Croydon branch and lack of flow – it’s a good question. I know the EA were investigating the problem earlier this year… maybe they’ll know more by now? I’ll drop them a line and see if any more has emerged…

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