Trout in the Classroom 2009 – 10

19 schools throughout the Wandle Valley took part in Trout in the Classroom 2009 – 10.

We are extremely grateful to Thames Water and Penta Consulting for their valuable support for this vital educational programme.


  • Al – Khair Primary
  • Croydon Parish Church Primary
  • Kingsley Primary
  • West Thornton Primary
  • Woodside Primary


  • Aragon Primary
  • Bond Primary
  • SS Peter and Paul Primary


  • Avenue Primary
  • Carew Manor Primary
  • Culvers House Primary
  • Sutton Grammar


  • Allfarthing Primary
  • Beatrix Potter Primary
  • Broadwater Primary
  • Francis Barber
  • Honeywell Primary
  • Linden Lodge
  • Newton Prep

Click here to see our report on this year’s trout fry releases, which took place as follows:

Thursday 18 March: 10.30am – 11.45am at the Savacentre, Merton High Street SW19 1DN

  • Merton schools: Aragon Primary, Bond Primary, SS Peter and Paul Primary
  • Wandsworth school: Broadwater Primary

Thursday 18 March: 1.30pm – 2.45pm at the Hackbridge, Nightingale Lane SM5 2DD

  • Sutton schools: Avenue Primary, Culvers House Primary, Sutton Grammar

Thursday 25 March: 10.30am – 12.30pm, at the white bridge in Morden Hall Park SM4 5JA

  • Wandsworth schools: Allfarthing Primary, Beatrix Potter, Francis Barber, Honeywell Primary, Linden Lodge, Newton Prep
  • Sutton school: Carew Manor Primary

Thursday 25 March: 1.30pm – 2.45pm, at the white bridge in Morden Hall Park SM4 5JA

  • Croydon schools: Al – Khair Primary, Croydon Parish Primary, Kingsley Primary, West Thornton Primary, Woodside Primary