New pollution issue: Monday 12 May 2014

We have had reports from Thames Water and the Environment Agency of a new issue on the Wandle (possibly a different one from Friday’s issue). There is pollution entering the river from the sewage effluent channel at Watermeads Lane which has potential to become a serious issue for the river. There are a number of channels and outfalls that feed into the effluent channel (not just the sewage treatment works) and the source and identity of the pollutant is unknown at present. The EA and Thames Water are currently investigating.

Please can you keep your eyes and noses on the river.

If you see any signs of pollution (rags, solids, smell, suspended solids, murky water and especially fish or wildlfe in distress) please call the EA on 0800 807060.  

Any observations anywhere downstream of the effluent channel confluence (photo and a note of what you can see/smell) would be appreciated to or call on 07771770418

3 thoughts on “New pollution issue: Monday 12 May 2014

  1. Tim

    UPDATE Monday 6pm
    There is still an issue and the EA and Thames Water are continuing to monitor and investigate and we will update you as we find out more concrete information. Please continue to keep your eyes and ears peeled as until the source is located the issue could still escalate. Many thanks!

  2. Tim

    Many thanks to all the volunteers who have been out and checked the river over the past day – much appreciated! In summary; there appears to be no wildlife in distress but the river is opaque and murky brown for a long way downstream. Please keep your eyes and nose on the river and report any issues to 0800 80 70 60

  3. Tim

    Latest update is that the source and identification of the pollutant is still not known. Investigations are still ongoing by Thames Water and the EA into a number of possibilities. Two ‘doughnut aerators’ have been installed in the channel on Mill Green as a precautionary measure until things are clearer. No signs of fish or wildlife in distress have been reported yet.

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