Panorama asks: are we ‘drinking our rivers dry’?

This week’s Panorama investigated how our water consumption can impact on chalk streams such as the Wandle (you can watch it again on iPlayer).  Our friends on the River Kennet clearly demonstrated some of the issues which may soon face the Wandle if we don’t find more sustainable rates of water use.  Investigations into the impact of abstraction rates are currently being undertaken on both headwater arms of the Wandle.

Meeting the Minister for Environment, Richard Benyon, with Charlotte Hitchmough from Action for the River Kennet at the lauch of the WWF-UK Itchen Initiative which promotes smarter water mangement for people and nature © Benjamin Ealovega WWF-UK

By the end of this year the Government will produce their Water White Paper which will set out how they intend to tackle abstraction and other issues which threaten our rivers today. Check out Thames Water’s top ten tips for saving water to see some simple measures you can undertake to help.

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