Pollution Alert: Oil in the Wandle, Wandle Park (Croydon)

Oil was seen in the Wandle this morning at Wandle Park (Croydon) coming from the culvert.  It has been reported down as far as Mill Lane industrial estate and Bridges lane.  I cycled up the river to this area at 1pm but saw none below that point.  Although the oil is still coming from the culvert Thames Water have boomed off the area and are currently tankering the oil away.  Investigations as to the source will continue tomorrow. Many thanks to the Environment Agency (EA) and Thames Water once again.  This area of river is very problematic and there have been a number of pollution events recently.

Please be vigilant and call the EA on (0800) 807060 if you see any pollution in the river.  

If you are interested in helping to monitor pollution on the river watch this space for an exciting new initiative we will soon be launching with the EA.

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