Pollution Assessment Volunteers Needed!

Fed up with seeing pollution in the River Wandle and wish you could do something about it? 

Then why not get involved with our exciting new  Pollution Assessment Volunteer Scheme?

What is the scheme?

The Scheme is a pilot that is being run by the Wandle Trust in collaboration with the Environment Agency.  Minor (category 3) incidents will be assessed by volunteers to determine the seriousness, source and type of pollution and ensure a fast, efficient and effective response from the EA. If successful it would be rolled out across London and maybe even beyond!

What would I need to do?

  • We will provide training in pollution assessment and provide you with pollution assessment forms.
  • When we hear of an event in your local river stretch we would call you and ask you to go down to the river and assess the pollution.
  • The assessment will then be fed back via the Wandle Trust to the EA and ensure that their response is efficient and effective.

How will it help the river?

  • It will ensure pollution incidents are responded to quickly and more efficiently
  • Hotspots and long term trends will be identified and allow a targeting of pollution prevention schemes.
  • Ultimately it will mean a cleaner, healthier river for wildlife and people!

Want to get involved?

Contact Tim at pollution@wandletrust.org to register your interest and await news of training events in the near future!

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