Pollution: Bridges Lane, Beddington Arm of the Wandle

Diesel has entered the river from a surface water sewer outlet near Bridges Lane on the Beddington Arm of the Wandle.  Six reports of the pollution were phoned in to the EA Pollution Hotline (0800 80 70 60) on Tuesday.

The EA and Thames Water have been attending and booms and sandbags used to stop the pollution spreading.  Thames Water have been pumping the pollution away and investigations into the source of the diesel are being conducted.  Initial thoughts are that the diesel had been let into the system previously and had been sitting in the pipes.  With all the rain recently this was then flushed into the river.

Another sad diesel incident for the Wandle, coming as it did after another leak of diesel last week. Many hearty thanks though to those people who called in the incident and to Thames Water and the EA for their response and investigations.

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