Pollution update: Friday 9 May 2014

You may have noticed that the river below the effluent channel input at Watermeads Lane is very murky brown recently.  Polluted water is entering the river from the effluent channel and is colouring the water as far downstream as Morden Hall and beyond.

eff channel silt

Confluence of the effluent channel and the Wandle showing heavy suspended solid pollutant entering the river.

Kate Mc Dermott from the EA is investigating the issue at the moment.  Investigations as to where the source is located are ongoing.

The Environment Agency team are out on the river today conducting a biological assessment to see what impact the pollutant that is depositing is having on the flora and fauna in the river.  There have been no reports of fish in distress thankfully but invertebrates are likely to be at risk.

eff channel bug count

Invertebrate monitoring on site today – this will tell us what the impact is on the river health.

We will update this site once we know more.

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