Safes in the Wandle: Erica’s girl power helps the story run and run!

On the eve of what promises to be a chilly December cleanup, it’s warming to see that the London Evening Standard has noticed our efforts…


… and interviewed Wandle Trustee and Cleanup Co-ordinator Erica Evans (yes, that’s her on the right in the fetching fluorescent jacket) for their latest Looking after London column, entitled We’ve found five safes dumped in the Wandle:

“The River Wandle flows near my home in south west London so when I decided to get involved in something to do with the environment, I chose to support the Wandle Trust…

I think that people now know and realise that green spaces are good for people and our environment and to have a living thing flowing through an urban part of London is something that is significant and important. If only we could stop people chucking rubbish into the river.

During our November cleanup alone we found seven motor bikes and five safes – one with a hole blown in the back of it! – as well as tyres, traffic signs, carpets and a mass of other rubbish.”

Click here to read Erica’s full interview… and wrap up warm for our Christmas cleanup tomorrow!

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