Trout in the Town: spreading the word

Last weekend Gideon and I took the train up to Sheffield – and the first ever Trout in the Town Urban River Conclave – to bring the Wandle Trust perspective to what promised to be a fascinating weekend organised by the edgy urban arm (or would that be fin?) of the Wild Trout Trust.


And fascinating it proved, with many long-awaited meetings of like minds – and faces finally put to blog posts, email addresses, and half-heard rumours of trouty commitment out there in the urban badlands.


Thanks to our local guides, SPRITE leader John Blewitt and crack caddis expert Stuart Crofts, trout and even grayling were caught on the second day (yes, that’s Gideon fishing the Don below a city-centre weir).


At least a couple of our friends have already blogged the event – Paul Gaskell our fearless organiser, and Andy Pritchard of the Lancashire Colne.

So we’ll let them do the talking and say no more for now, except… let’s all do it again soon!

(All images: The Wild Trout Trust)

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