Upper Wandle wild trout habitat works: we’re green for go

Superb news just in from our good friend Paul Gaskell over at the Wild Trout Trust

“… after many months (years!) of assessment, planning, design, negotiation and hard work; permission has just been granted for my design of habitat restoration and enhancement works to go ahead on the upper Carshalton arm of the Wandle.”

As a partnership project between the Wandle Trust, Wandle Piscators, Wild Trout Trust and Environment Agency, this initiative has been carefully designed to make the most of the habitat in the upper river between Grove Park and Butter Hill – and get a sustainably breeding population of wild trout established in the Wandle’s headwaters.

Now we’ve been granted the necessary EA permissions, the really exciting stuff can start – with a Wild Trout Trust Practical Visit during the winter to teach our volunteers the latest hands-on river restoration techniques. (Sure, we know one or two already, but there’s always more to learn!)

So keep an eye on our Calendar page for dates and details – and come and join us if you can!

2 thoughts on “Upper Wandle wild trout habitat works: we’re green for go

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  2. Jez

    This is great news, hopefully this will be the start to really establishing a good head of wild trout and help the wandle regain its once famous name. Well done mate

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