Adopt a Myco

Been looking for that perfect, no fuss pet? Well look no further than Myco – the Mycofiltration Bag.

Pollution is a major problem for both urban and rural rivers. To begin to address this problem, the Wandle Trust (part of the South East Rivers Trust) is trialling several novel techniques in pollution mitigation. The first of these are Mycofiltration Bags – Mycos.

What are Mycos?

Mycos (Mycofiltration Bags) are mesh sacks packed full with straw, wood chip and mycelium (the non-fruiting part of fungi). Over time the mycelium grow throughout the sack and create an expert filtration device. Once placed in the river, the mycelium filters out contaminants from the water which passes through them.

A Mycofiltration Bag

Meet Myco, the Mycofiltration Bag

Want to get involved?

Last year we were extremely lucky to have 20 dedicated volunteers help us make over 100 Mycos in one day, but we need your help again!

We are holding a Make a Myco Volunteer Day on Saturday 22nd November in Carshalton. Everyone is invited to come and join our team as we aim to match last year’s record of 100 Mycos in one day. We are also looking for happy volunteers to adopt a set of Myco triplets over Christmas. If this is something you  are interested, read the steps below to find out how to get involved.

What will we have to do?

Step 1: Signup for the Make a Myco Day

So we know how many materials to bring, we need to know numbers. To help us with this, please email and let us know if you’d like to adopt a set of Myco triplets, and whether you’ll be joining us on Saturday 22nd of November.


Step 2: Make your Mycos

On the day, come down to Carshalton and make your Mycos. You are welcome to stay for the whole day, or drop in for a couple of hours. Either way you’ll need to wear warm, old clothes and sturdy footwear. If you do stay all day, we recommend you bring yourself a packed lunch but we will also serve teas and coffees to keep us warm.

Making a Mycofiltration Bag

Step 3: Adopt your Mycos

We ask that each adoptive family takes home a minimum of three Mycos as they grow better with their siblings. There is parking near the venue and three Mycos will fit in the average car boot with no problem.  You’ll then look after your Mycos over Christmas as they grow.


Step 4: Return your Mycos

In January, we need the Mycos back to install them along the Wandle and get them started combating pollution.  We will send details of where and when you can drop your Mycos off nearer the time by email. If you’d like to be involved in installing your Mycos on the river, let us know!


So what are you waiting for? Sign up by emailing us at

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