Wandle cleanup: April 2009: Sutton

The one with all the Easter eggs…

Lured by the irresistible promise of chocolate at coffee time another rubbish-filled stretch of the Wandle below Goat Bridge, 64 keen volunteers arrived for our Easter cleanup in Sutton.

Right from the start, the rubbish proved satisfyingly heavy…


 … and the heavy brigade duly got stuck in…


The world’s supply of plastic made its appearance…



 … whilst a pair of nesting Canadas took a gander at Jim…


… and Jane found a matched pair of miraculously-preserved 70s glass carp:


Sure enough, coffee time brought double helpings of Easter goodness from Jo’s and Sally’s kitchens…


… and the resulting sugar rush kept us going well above Goat Bridge, carefully avoiding a moorhen’s nest in the bridge pilings…


… until another 3 tonnes of rubbish were safely out of the river, and ready for collection by Andy’s team from Sutton Council!


Thanks to all our volunteers: Aga, Alexandra, Ali, Amenze, Americo, Andrew, Andy, Angela, Ann, Barly, Brendon, Carol, Caroline, Charlotte, Chris D, Chris E, Diana, Dominic, Douglas, Elif, Emilio, Erica, Etiosa, Francy, Gideon, Gill, Greg, Gvantsa, Ian, James Y, Jane, Jason, Jeff, Jim, Jo H, Jo S, Jordan, Justin, Keith, Leonid, Lise, Lizzie, Mahelet, Michelle, Nati, Nichola, Nick M, Nick S, Pete, Porter, Rigby, Rose, Roy, Sally, Sheyley, Sihong, Steve C, Steve F, Steve K, Sue, Theo, Tim, Vasi and Wayne

2 thoughts on “Wandle cleanup: April 2009: Sutton

  1. Theo Post author

    Thanks Andy… and don’t forget, if there’s any advice we can help you with, just ask! Between us and the guys at Thames 21, there probably aren’t many scenarios we’ve not tackled between us… or looked at, shaken our heads and walked away from 😉

    (But seriously, not many of those either…)


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