Wandle cleanup: December 2006: Merton

We tackled yet another new stretch of the river for us in December, this time in Merton, from the footbridge by Garfield First School upstream to North Road, with the Wandle Meadow Nature Park on the east bank.  We were delighted to welcome ten new volunteers, most of whom were alerted to our activities by the Accidental Angler on BBC2 the previous Sunday evening and one whom Roz picked up in the street! 

 There was lots of work to be done, both on the bank and in the river.  Several motorcycles and many other heavy items were pulled out of the river.  



As can be seen this required excellent teamwork and much use of the grapple.


There was also plenty of litter on the ground that, as Mike demonstrates, required getting up close and personal with the bushes.


Erica’s mince pies and brandy butter kept us going and a very impressive pile of rubbish had been gathered by 3 o’clock.  Peter had earned his sit down in this picture.


Most of us retired to the William Morris pub at Merton Abbey Mills afterwards for a few seasonal drinks.

Thanks to all our volunteers: Alan, Alex, Andy C, Brinley, David, Erica, Freya, Gideon, Gill, Gwen, Ion, Jane, Mark D, Martin, Melvin, Mike, Nick, Peter, Robin, Romain, Ron, Roz, Stephen, Theo and Trevor

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