Wandle cleanup: January 2007: Wandsworth

Our first cleanup of 2007 was in Wandsworth, where Mapleton Road crosses the Wandle, parallel to Garratt Lane.  This is one of our Trout in the Classroom release sites and so this cleanup was in preparation for that.  We were blessed with lovely weather for the time of year and an excellent turn out.  This enabled us to retrieve many large items and do two sweeps of the stretch to ensure we removed as much rubbish as possible.


Charlie managed to find several large objects wedged behind the weir, upstream from Mapleton Road, which included an oil drum. 


For health and safety reasons, photos of other activity on the weir have not been published, but the bruises have nearly healed!


We are extremely grateful to Wandsworth Council who sent our favourite gang to pick up the rubbish.  More than a couple of pints were enjoyed afterwards in the Spread Eagle pub in Wandsworth.

Thanks to all our volunteers: Adrian, Alan Mc, Andy C, Andy W, Brinley, Charlie, David B, Diana, Erica, Freya, Gill, Gwen, Ion, Jane, Morgan, Nick, Niki, Paul, Peter M, Peter T, Romain, Rob, Rory, Roz, Sally, Theo, and Victoria

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