Wandle cleanup: June 2007: Merton

We split into two groups for this cleanup at Ravensbury Park in Merton.  The first donned their waders and got stuck into the river.  Almost literally in some cases! A couple of motorbikes proved to be a major challenge, but naturally they didn’t get the better of us and were soon pulled out.


Mrs McGill was very happy to be in the river in her brand new waders.


Some local kids that we met at the cleanup last September were pleased to see us again and helped out for a while.  They said that a while ago they had deterred some people dumping some bags of sand in the river – what stars!

The second group helped the Friends of Ravensbury Park thin out some of the trees by the riverside to allow more light.


The photo below is a thank you to Big Yellow storage in Wandsworth who have kindly provided us with a storage unit in which we can keep much of our ever increasing equipment.


The afternoon came to a very pleasant close on the lawn outside the bar at Morden Hall. 

Thanks to all our volunteers: Alan, Alfie, Americo, Andy C, Bill, Brin, Bruce, Chris, Dulcie, Emilio, Erica, Gideon, Gill, Gwen, Jane E, Jane P, John, Lilly, Lorna, Lyn, Nathaniel, Nick M, Nick S, Nicky, Peter F, Richard, Rigby, Rufus, Sally, Sue, Tom and Zigi.

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