Wandle cleanup: March 2008: Merton

For this cleanup we returned to the stretch near Garfield Primary School in Merton which we last visited in September 2007.  This time we concentrated our efforts in the silty water upstream from the footbridge.  Visibility was poor.


But patient searching was rewarded with some large items that had been buried in the river for some time.


Our volunteers from Richmond University dispelled the myth that students are disorganised by bringing their picnic lunches.


Thanks to Duncan (www.duncansoar.com), Wayne and Ion for the photos and to John for organising the cleanup in his own relaxed style.


At the end of the day we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow and retired to the William Morris pub at Merton Abbey Mills.


Thanks to all our volunteers: Adrian, Amelia, Andy, Darrin, Diana, Duncan, Erica, Gideon, Gill, Ion, Jane, Jess, John, Julie, Lynne, Miriam, Neil, Nick C-J, Nick S, Niki, Peter, Rigby, Sally, Sarah, Sue, Theo, Toby and staff and students from Richmond University: Brendon, Christina, Cory, Curtis, Jessica, Karolina, Kevin, Miriam, Perry and Captain Planet!

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