Wandle cleanup: November 2010: Wandsworth

The one when they all got wet…

In dramatic contrast to the fine weather during our August community cleanup just upstream, the second Sunday of November dawned dark and damp – and only seemed to get darker and damper as the day wore on.

Undeterred, a heroic company of 65 cheerful volunteers felt that the best way to beat the weather was to work harder, both in and out of the river… and did just that!

Still, most of us agreed that the only person properly dressed for the conditions was our old friend Gordon the diver, who was soon reunited with a tiny mini-me…

Peter, our local Environment Agency Water Quality Officer, grappled with plenty of bicycle frames and eels to tell his team about on Monday morning…

… and Gideon detected local evidence of either cold or crime:

In the meantime, Greg and Jez suspected the local constabulary might not have considered all the options for disposal of stray shopping trolleys… but agreed to have their mugshots taken anyway!

By 1.30pm, everyone was glad of their rations – a slice of cake and a cup of something hot – and this kept us going until it was almost dark, filling Wandsworth’s cage lorry not once but twice with a vast variety of rubbish from just 50 yards of river…

… at least 45 metal pipes, poles and sheets, 22 tyres, 15 shopping trolleys (mostly Sainsbury’s), 12 bicycles, 9 carpets, 9 plastic sheets, 7 assorted toy cars, trucks and action figures, 5 traffic cones, 3 suitcases, 2 mattresses, 2 vacuum cleaners, 2 safes, 1 balaclava, 1 pallet, 1 kid’s swing, 1 car door, 1 chair, 1 inner tube, 1 washing machine, 1 garden hose, 1 warning lamp, 1 roll of linoleum, and more than 20 bags of other unidentifiable litter!

Thanks to all our volunteers: Alexei, Andrea, Andy B, Andy P, Ann, Antoine, Barry, Ben, Dave S, Dave W, Eliza, Erica, Fiona, Gideon, Gordon, Greg, Helen, Henry, Jacopo, Jan, Jane, Jason, Jez, Jill, Jo H, Jo S, John B, John N, Jordan, Judith, Kate, Kath, Khamasi, Leo, Leon H, Leon P, Leonard, Leonie, Lia, Louisa, Maggi, Mahelet, Mauro, Neil, Ngave, Nicola, Paul, Peter, Philippa, Purcey, O Richard, Rinad, Robert, Rory, Rosie B, Rosie P, Sally, Sara, Shelley, Steve, Susan, Taveras, Theo, Toby and Wayne

2 thoughts on “Wandle cleanup: November 2010: Wandsworth

  1. Jill and Leo Hopper

    This was the first time volunteering for me and my five-year-old son Leo. Despite the cold we had a wonderful time and will be back!

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