Wandle cleanup: September 2008: Merton

This month we widened our horizons to take in a stretch of the river we’ve never tackled before: the confluence of the Wandle and the Graveney (which flows down from Tooting, mostly underground). 

Some of our Trustees and volunteers were still running our stand for the second day of the Mayor’s Thames Festival beside Tower Bridge, but an impressive number of people turned out to assemble a huge pile of rubbish:


The Wandle Trail’s viewing platform over the river provided an ideal vantage point for Event Control and Health & Safety officers to oversee proceedings… including some real commitment by Bilbo the black labrador!


The kids got stuck in too:


And John and the gang found a choice of bikes… but we bet we know which got him home faster…



Thanks to all our volunteers: Adrian C, Adrian G-H, Andy B, Andy P, Ann, Brendan, Bruce, Carantsa, Chris D, Chris E, Chris S, CJ, Denise, Diana, Elizabeth, Emilio, Gideon, Gill, Ion, Isabel, Jessie, John B, John W, Julie, Katherine, Ken, LeAnn, Luca, Madi, Mahelet, Mayur, Mike, Miles, Nathaniel, Nicole, Nick F, Nick M, Niki, Peter, Rigby, Rosemary, Rufus, Sally, Sharif, Susan, Theo P, Theo S, Vasi, Wayne … and of course Bilbo.

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