Wandle Trust and Environment Agency work together to monitor pollution on the Wandle

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We’re delighted to announce that the Wandle Trust will be working in collaboration with the Environment Agency to help monitor pollution on the Wandle.

The collaborative project will be led by the Wandle Trust with the Environment Agency helping to train Wandle Trust staff and volunteers so that they are able to attend minor incidents on the river.

When notified by the Environment Agency, the Wandle Trust volunteers will provide a first line of response to assess the situation and report back to the Environment Agency who will then react accordingly. It is hoped that this newly established partnership will enable local Wandle Trust volunteers to keep an eye on the river, facilitating a more efficient response to all pollution incidents.

Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, said:

“Working with community groups is crucial in ensuring the vitality of our rivers and waterways, and the Wandle Trust is a superb example of residents taking an active interest in the health of their local environment. 

Rivers in England and Wales are the healthiest they have been for 20 years, but it is important that we do more to continue this improvement and meet stringent new EU standards. I’m confident that our work with the Wandle Trust will enable us all to do just that.”

 Click here to read the full press release

Anyone interested in getting involved in this exciting project please contact Tim at pollution@wandletrust.org

Update: this story has now been picked up by the Wimbledon Guardian and the Surrey Comet.

3 thoughts on “Wandle Trust and Environment Agency work together to monitor pollution on the Wandle

  1. Andrew Hayes

    I suppose pollution could be said to originate from the community, so it is good for all to get involved. Thanks for this opportunity.

  2. Claire Bennet

    Sounds a very interesting. I live in Hampshire and wondered if you knew if there is a similar scheme there?

  3. Theo

    Thanks Claire – as far as we’re aware this is a totally new initiative, but we’ll certainly keep you informed of any other such schemes we discover!

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